Equipment Project List

Boston Medical Center
Clinical Lab Replacement
Shapiro Ambulatory Care Center
Menino Addition
Brigham & Women's Hospital
Ambulatory Care Center
Children's Hospital
Clinical Building Expansion
Center for Life Sciences
Main Building Expansion
CHB at Peabody
CHB at Waltham
Dana Farber Cancer Institute
Yawkey Center for Cancer Care
Newport Hospital of Rhode Island
Intensive Care Unit
Sub-Acute / Traumatic Brain Injury Unit
Outpatient Rehabilitation Unit
South County Hospital
Clinical Lab
Inpatient Tower
South Shore Hospital
Ambulatory Care Center
Women & Infant's Hospital
Clinical Lab Replacement
Histology & Cytology Lab

Medical Equipment Planning

While the services provided by CWDG on any particular project vary according to each client's needs, our basic philosophy holds true across all of our projects. We work to achieve the client's goals and mission. Those goals may be budget-drive, schedule-driven, or staff-driven, but once they are established, we work to keep that focus clearly in front of the project team. WE act on the owner's behalf to achieve the project mission in a timely manner, witha minimum of equipment-driven change orders, while maintaining a positive working relationship with the other members of the project team.

Assistance with the early and continued budgeting of clinical equipment costs is one of the most important services offered by CWDG. Even basic assumptions, such as the amount of equipment available for re-use, need to be validated from multiple viewpoints, including technological obsolescence, interaction with other enterprise-wide initiatives, and hte need to maintain a department in constant operation when the physical move occurs. For certain, technlogoically-intensive specialty spaces, such as hybrid vascular ORs, the equipment costs can exceed construction costs.

CWDG has a strong working relationship with clinical equipment vendors. However, we do not have contractual relationships with any of them, so we are not biased in favor of any one manufacturer. Rather, we work with our clients to determine the right choice for them, including arranging equipment trials and site visits.

C/W Design Group's integrated approach to clinical equipment planning will help bring your project to a successful conclusion.